This week I have been doing a detox with a group on Facebook. It is a bit different than ones I’ve done in the past. I guess by different, I mean, I’ve done cleanses with mostly food. This one is whole, clean foods, combined with supplements, herbs, and detox baths. One of the new things I’m trying out with this detox is bentonite clay. I know I’m probably late on this band-wagon, but I just hadn’t thought about using it before now. I have heard and read a lot about this clay in the past. Monday night I used it in a detox bath along with Epsom salts, raw apple cider vinegar, and EO’s mixed in fractionated coconut oil. It was so nice! Yesterday I started taking the bentonite clay internally after I had “bloomed” it per directions. I’m not sure how I feel about taking it internally so far. I have had some tummy issues today. I’m hoping it will dissipate by tomorrow after my body is used to it. I’m also taking Chlorella, which I have not had before. It helps with getting those heavy metals that may have accumulated over time in your body.
I have also been taking my typical supplements; Biocleanse(magnesium), Probio5(probiotic), and MegaX(omega).
My favorite recipe so far has been a blueberry mint quinoa. I have made one breakfast quinoa before, but didn’t care for it. This one had you pulse the quinoa in a blender with the liquid. It made it cook up more like a porridge, which I enjoy!

Here’s the bentonite clay and the chlorella I am taking/using:
Pure Clay – Premium Calcium Bentonite Clay Food Grade Powder – Heavy Metal Detox and Cleanse

Organic Chlorella Tablets Broken Cell Wall Form – 4 Organic Certifications including USDA, Ecocert, Naturland & EU – Maximum CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) Levels – Perfectly Compliments Spirulina

*I do get minor compensation from these links to the products

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