Hello all! I have been MIA for the last few weeks due to selling our sticks and bricks home, packing it all up and heading out to Tennessee to visit family. We also purchased our new home on wheels this past weekend, but won’t get possession of it until the end of this week due to my husband’s travel schedule. We will also need to install a towing apparatus to the car to tow it behind the RV before bringing it off the lot.

I am so excited to get our RV to start getting our things organized in it. Like most RVs, it is tight on space so I know I will need to go through the boxes I had originally labeled “rv” when packing. As we walked through the RV this past Friday, I truly realized how little of space it had to store items. I know I will need to parr down my pots and pans. I already packed up my pressure cooker and slow cooker, in hopes of getting an Instapot, since it will narrow down my items as it has many functions in one pot.

I am happy that there’s a full-sized refrigerator in it and a tiny pantry area next to it. We also have a convection oven/microwave and a small oven with burners.

The children’s clothing is another concern for me to find space to keep them. There’s two small drawers under the bunk beds and then one of the bathrooms has quite a bit of cabinets, so I’m hoping to fit three little girls’ clothing in those two areas, wish me luck!

We have been staying at my parent’s place and enjoying catching up with family this past week and a half. My youngest is turning three in two days, but we celebrated her birthday this yesterday as her father had to travel this week and would miss her real birthday.

We got her a bike and she loves it. Our plan is for my husband and I to get bicycles so that we are able to bike together as a family. I know it will be slow going with a three year old, so I might wnd up getting a seat on mine for her to ride along.

In a couple weeks my husband, Brent, will be under-going surgery for his ruptured disc in hopes that he will be finally free of pain and enjoy being more active again.

We do miss the friends we made in Kentucky and the family that is still there, but we will be back up there for his surgery, so hopefully we will be able to say “hello” to some. I am sure we will make our way up that way often a we travel about.

We are all excited to start this new journey. Here is a picture of my seven year old who drew our RV today.

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