I have a confession. I put off writing many times here due to perfection. My imperfection is perfection. Putting yourself out there, like I do on this blog, is a lot for me. I do enjoy the platform as it’s enjoyable for me to write out my thoughts, musings and day-to-day life going-ons. But, I admit that fear gets the better of me somedays and I feel that I shouldn’t publish a certain blog post due to it not being “just so.”

I worry the pictures I post won’t be good enough or what I post won’t be interesting enough.

There, I said it and I am working to be kinder to myself. In this way, I will feel accountable now that it is written here.

In what ways do you feel that you’re lacking or judging yourself?

Write it down, say it, tell someone what it is. Now, doesn’t that feel much better? Let’s all give ourselves more self-love. You are worth it. You deserve it. Only the best will do(but no need for perfection 😉).

Especially with such ease of access of social media, we are inundated with pictures of perfection. We are not meant to be perfect. Life is messy. Life is good even in the midst of day to day grind. Let the online friends and followers know you are human. They’ll like you even more!

I want people to remember me for my kindness, humor, and love, not picture-perfect or even eloquent words on a blog.

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