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Journal Entry No.1

I am taking these journal entries straight from my paper journal. I’m also following the book, “365 Journal Writing ideas.” I will not write exactly what each prompt is as I want you to still want to perhaps get the book yourself and try it out as well. So, I’ll title these as a daily entry with a number to set them apart.

Happiness to me is a feeling of contentment. It is where I feel satisfied with what I’m doing day-to-day. In the past, I would have described myself as rather unhappy and a worrisome person. Over the years, I have(most recently), learned that happiness is really a “mind-over-matter thing. I tend to be an overly critical person and that can make one an unhappy person. I have to work daily on my habit of being a happy person. I do this by meditating, prayer, reading something inspirational, exercising, eating well, and trying to keep a positive attitude throughout the day.

One memory(of many!), of when I felt really happy was after the birth of my second baby. I was able to have her at home and she was such an easy-going baby! I enjoyed my post-partum time with her a lot.

I would say a time when I made someone else happy is when I make them a favorite meal. I enjoy cooking and it gives me pleasure to see someone enjoying he food I made for them. I know if I make one of my children or husband a favorite dish or meal, that makes them very happy. I love sitting down with my family for a meal and enjoying it with them.


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