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Journal Entry No. 9

I am living an adventure that I love. I dreamed of living more simply. Traveling with my family. We are living out an adventure everyday. It may not be heart-thumping adventure each day, but we get to spend time with each other exploring the United States in an RV.

I do still wish to do some international traveling(I do get to go to Cambodia this year!). I’ve always wanted to visit Spain and Greece. I’m hoping one day I will!

6 thoughts on “Journal Entry No. 9

  1. Sounds like a dream! And you really must visit Spain and Greece at some point – they are so wonderful and varied!

    1. Thanks! Have you been to Spain and Greece before? If so, what was a few of your fav things there?

      1. Yes I have! I’ve not extensively travelled Spain but I’ve been to a few cities in the south (you can read about on my blog if you’re interested) and they are beautiful. Beaches are great! Theres also hiking across the country so you have everything! Could spend months there! Greece is my favourite place in the world – it’s picture perfect, insane beaches, quiet white washed towns and the kindest people in the world. Again I have a lot of posts about Greece you can check out. You would love it!!! 😀😀

      2. Sounds lovely! I’ll definitely check out your posts on those!

  2. I love RVing too but aching for the boys to get older so we can go overseas. I’ve never been to Europe and have a long list of places I want to see – England, Germany, Sweden, and Italy (to name a few)

    1. Yes, I would love for my children to experience more international travel.

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