Time passes by slowly. Sitting in a waiting room, waiting. The T.V. playing in the background, a nice window view of the cold, winter sky. It’s rainy today and cold. A day for contemplation. A day for reflection. There are many things in life that you can’t help that comes your way. Things that may be good or bad. Set-backs or open doors. The year of the crumbling tower. To re-set and re-build the life you once knew. Most everyone this past year has had to deal with change or loss. Change of how we work, go to school, grocery shop, workout, and play. Loss of jobs, loss of loved ones and friends, loss of the way traditions were held in the past, or loss of certain celebrations.

We lost our RV this year and my husband lost his job. Time passes by slowly, but quickly, not as fast as one might perceive when you’re having fun. It’s like we are trapped in an hourglass and have no control as we are slipping through to the other side.

There were also some gains this year. Breakthrough: Wisdom of the Soul came out on 10/10/2020 making me a published author, one of my dreams since childhood. It’s almost now like a memoir since we don’t have our lovely RV anymore. A small home was bought with 2 acres in Tennessee. This place seems to keep calling my name. Something about it pulls me back. Perhaps there’s a lesson to learn or opportunities await? Either way, I’m here now and I know in my heart it isn’t permanent as I’m a born traveler, a gypsy soul. Might stem from my ancestors of Hungary.

I know that this feeling won’t last forever. I’ve been through losses before and have come out breathing and alive. I will raise my arms up, using my own strength and will, as well as allowing others to help me too. These changes may seem scary, but looking back, I’ll know it was most likely for the best. I may never know the exact reason these things happened to me. Does it matter? No, all that matters is that I’m here and able to be a light on this earth of ours. Shining forth my love to all you beautiful souls. I want to extend my blessings to you all. Knowing that I am loved and will be on my way to happiness that is to come.

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