New Year 2022

What is it about a new year? Does it make you feel that you have a chance to start over? Commit to some personal goals? Maybe you’re thinking, “thank goodness this year is about over!”

After the holidays, I tend to go inward. The days are cold and darken early. Sometimes I feel a bit deflated in January after a busy holiday season. How about you?

In regards to new year resolutions, I always say, “away with that thinking!” Instead, set a few measurable goals to work on throughout the new year. They could be as simple as setting your alarm for ten minutes earlier and writing out thing you’re grateful for. It could be to walk for 15 minutes a day or reading for 15 minutes a day. It also could be a loftier goal, such as writing a book or starting a podcast. Or taking up ballroom dancing and yoga! Whatever these goals are of yours, don’t let them overwhelm you. Write them down, leaving space in between to write out small, measurable steps in achieving them. Tell yourself that it’s okay if you don’t get to them all. Be reasonable in your goal making. Get support too. I’m sure many of your friends would love to help support you and you could support them in turn.

My goals for this new year of 2022 is to finish my bachelors in nursing, teach reiki workshops, write more blogs(let’s say twice a month?), start on my new collaborative book😬 and do more of what I love(perhaps join a dance class or a hiking group).

Whatever you may choose to do, be easy on yourself, send some love to yourself, and be a light in your community. Love & Light to you and yours in this coming new year!

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