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Journal Entry No. 8

I know I need to be more accepting of myself. Like I wrote in Journal Entry no. 1 about being a critical person, I tend to be critical of myself. I’ve read many books and articles that say to “just accept yourself.” Why is it so hard for me to just accept myself? I’ve come to see I need to set my mind, daily, on being grateful and happy about things unique to myself, that make me truly me. I like when I did a yoga video from Yoga with Adriene, and she had me place my hands on my abdomen and say a word of thanks for all it does for me, day to day. It is one area of my body, in particular, that I’m unhappy about. But, in doing that exercise, I see I’ve been very ungrateful to this body part. It has done, is doing, and will do so much for me. My abdomen area has helped carry four babies, helps hold in numerous, vital organs, helps me stand tall, helps me with breathing, so, so many functions in which I seem to take for granted.

I accept myself. I love myself just the way I am(even if those statements sound cheesy😊). xoxo tummy

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Journal Entry No. 7


My family

My friends

Being able to travel

Access to good food and clean water

A vehicle that runs

A nice RV to live in

Freedom in my religious preferences

Right to vote

Running water and electricity

A washer and dryer

Able to do the work I love

Able to homeschool my sweet girls

Heat and AC

Opportunities in my past, present and future

Ability to see and read



The ability to be joyful



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Journal Entry No. 6

Book intelligent womanI’ve never much cared for this question. I mean, if one was extremely intelligent and less attractive, to what extreme is this “less attractive” look? Who says they’re less attractive? By societies standards? Also, if one really wanted to be up to societies standards of attractiveness, there’s also plastic surgery. Not that I’m saying one should get plastic surgery just because they’re less attractive, but it’s always an option. See, it’s a catch 22. If I say one over the other, there’s always something to comment about the way I perceive it. Does it make one a more shallow person if one says they’d rather be extremely attractive over being intelligent? What’s not to say that a person couldn’t overcome their being less intelligent? Who’s saying they’re less intelligent? Tests? Ba humbug to standardized testing!

I never felt I was very intelligent growing up due to the fact I struggled understanding math. Then, in a remedial college math class, it clicked. Finally, I understood math! After all those years struggling to understand it, I understood it! It felt so good.

Could not a less intelligent person somehow learn in a way to become more intelligent? Even those that have an actual disability in learning many times has other qualities about them that they’re able to let shine.

If one is extremely attractive, one could excel in acting or modeling and make it in life. As for being extremely intelligent, one could succeed in life by being a scientist, mathematician, doctor, or researcher, for example.

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Journal Entry No. 5

I would like to be Angelina Jolie for 24 hours. I would want to be her because she has a heart for humanitarian work, promotes varies cause, has lots of children and of course, is absolutely gorgeous. Angelina Jolie with son, Maddox

I particularly like that her first interest in humanitarian work was during the filming of Tomb Raider where she found out about war-torn Cambodia. This is where I am going to this year! One her son’s is Cambodian that she adopted. She was awarded Cambodian citizenship in 2005.

I would like to spend time as her doing humanitarian work.

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Journal Entry No. 4

I’m not sure if I remember this memory due to watching old family films or what, but I remember when I lived in Montana, coming down the stairs and peeking down into to living room on Christmas morning with my older brother. I think I was around 2 or 3 years old?My older brother and I

I’m on the left, my younger sister and then my older brother.My mother, older brother and I.

I also remember riding on my bouncy horse wildly while looking out at the snow-covered mountains.

Another early memory is in Brazil when I was about 3 or 4 years old. A cousin was carrying me around the kitchen, it was a small galley-type kitchen. I wanted milk. She gave me some from a cardboard carton that was in a cupboard. It was rather warm. I asked for cold milk, so she put icecubes in my glass. I thought it was so weird to have ice cubes in my glass of milk! I suppose that’s why it’s stuck in my memory.

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Journal Entry No. 3

This journal prompt was to write a short story from randomly chosen columns with different prompts. I am not a writer, so be easy on me!

Amelia was a talented ballet dancer from Brazil. She was quiet and kept to herself. She was living in New York City and training at the ballet school there. She was having a hard time making friends due to her introverted personality and from the language barrier.

For the holiday break, Amelia was able to fly back home.

While home, in the jungles of South America, she discovered a shocking secret. While hiking alone, Amelia stumbled upon a remote operation that was creating a secret formula from an herb found only in the deepest part of the jungle.

Now, Amelia hadn’t quite discovered this yet. She had tripped and hit her head and blacked out. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in the local hospital with a cast on her foot! How was she to finish her ballet training! She would lose her coveted spot now! She wept at this thought. Dancing let her introverted self open up. It was like therapy to her.

In about an hour, her parents came to get her and take her home. They cried when they saw her cast. It was late in the day now, so Amelia went to bed, ready to call the ballet school in the morning.

When she woke up, she felt so energized! She forgot about her broken foot and hopped out of bed. “Clump!” went her hard cast on the wood floor. She looked down in surprise. Her foot! Aww, it was broken! But, she felt no pain. She went into the kitchen where she heard her parents whispering. They stopped when they heard her and looked in surprise as she hobbled over without any crutches. She said, “My foot! It doesn’t cause me any pain when I walk!” They decided to go to the hospital after eating breakfast to get another x-ray.

The doctors were astounded to see that her foot was completely healed! They went back and forth looking at the x-rays from the day before. It was unbelievable! Amelia was ecstatic! She would be able to dance again!That night she packed her bags. Her return flight was early the next morning.At the airport, a man slipped a letter into bag. She didn’t see it until she was flying. As she read the letter, she let out a gasp! The building she had stumbled upon was something amazing! The letter explained that they had brought her inside the building and given her a dose of a secret herb unknown to the world, except for a few that worked there and now, Amelia. They said this is what had healed her foot so miraculously. But, they said she must not tell a soul for her future career would be jeopardized. She was afraid what would happen to her. The letter went on to say that she must contact them if she notices any side effects that came on suddenly or if she noticed anything else. She had one more year of school. Her parents were struggling to pay for it. Amelia didn’t know if she would be able to return for her final semester. As she was contemplating what to do, a letter arrived for her. It was from the people that had given her the miracle herb. They asked her to meet them that night, no harm would come to her. That night, she met with them. They wanted her to take a smaller dosage of the herb for the net 6 months and she would be greatly compensated. This was an answer to her money problem! It would pay for her to finish school. She accepted.Everything was joining well for the next 3 months, but in month 4, right before her graduation, she noticed she was having a hard time remembering things. It was so gradual she thought it was only from the stress of this last semester. She pushed on. She graduated ballet school at long last. The night of her graduation, she was out celebrating with a few friends, she blacked out. When she woke up, she couldn’t remember who she was or where she was. Several weeks passed by and she didn’t improve. The doctors detected an interesting thing, she had early on-set Alzheimer’s. They were befuddled to see this in such a hound woman. After another month passed, her parents finally found her. They took her home to live with them. For many years to come, they received money, every month, from an anonymous donor. They said they had admired Amelia’s dancing and wanted to help her after hearing of her illness.

After three years had gone by, Elia started doing ballet moves whenever she heard music. She never gained her complete memory back, but was able to remember dancing. It was ingrained in her soul, that would never be taken from her.

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Journal Entry No. 2

Today we spent the afternoon at my sister’s sister-in-law’s. It was such beautiful weather out today!

There were lots of children and they enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and running about.

We ate deviled eggs, queso dip, cut up veggies and dip, lemon chicken soup and some tasty pesto(made with kale and other fresh herbs) grilled cheese sandwiches.

The children dyed eggs and planted herb seeds in little pots. They had an egg hunt too.

Things I promise myself to do this year:

Write in my journal and blog everyday.

Read the Bible.



Read for at least 15-20 minutes daily.

Exercise everyday.

I know I may fall behind on these promises, but I know that I’m not a failure and I can pick back up!

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Journal Entry No.1

I am taking these journal entries straight from my paper journal. I’m also following the book, “365 Journal Writing ideas.” I will not write exactly what each prompt is as I want you to still want to perhaps get the book yourself and try it out as well. So, I’ll title these as a daily entry with a number to set them apart.

Happiness to me is a feeling of contentment. It is where I feel satisfied with what I’m doing day-to-day. In the past, I would have described myself as rather unhappy and a worrisome person. Over the years, I have(most recently), learned that happiness is really a “mind-over-matter thing. I tend to be an overly critical person and that can make one an unhappy person. I have to work daily on my habit of being a happy person. I do this by meditating, prayer, reading something inspirational, exercising, eating well, and trying to keep a positive attitude throughout the day.

One memory(of many!), of when I felt really happy was after the birth of my second baby. I was able to have her at home and she was such an easy-going baby! I enjoyed my post-partum time with her a lot.

I would say a time when I made someone else happy is when I make them a favorite meal. I enjoy cooking and it gives me pleasure to see someone enjoying he food I made for them. I know if I make one of my children or husband a favorite dish or meal, that makes them very happy. I love sitting down with my family for a meal and enjoying it with them.

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Journaling, most everyday

The other day I received an email from a homeschooling email list I’m on and she had listed in it free or reduced rates Kindle books. One of the ones that came up when I clicked the link was, “365 Journal Writing Ideas:A year of daily journal writing prompts, questions, & actions to fill your journal with memories, self-reflection, creativity & direction.”

I’ve pondered journaling and have done a little here and there in the past, but never was dedicated to it. I ended up downloading the book. During one of my reflection times last week, I felt that I should take what I’m writing in my paper journal and post it to my blog. Now this is a big step for me. I am not a very open person and I believe this will make me vulnerable to my readers. But, I had such an overwhelming feeling that this is what I should do and that so many who read blogs actually crave that close, personal look into someone’s self.

So, I will continue to post about our travels and health stuff, along with my daily journaling. I may not get them up every single day, but I promise I’ll get them all posted within the week of writing them.

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Dirty and Dry

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We are in Camp Verde currently and it is chilly here! It’s really nice as there’s hiking trails right next to where our coach is parked, as you can see in the photo above.

After spending a month in the warm Phoenix area, the cooler weather is refreshing. We also had rain which we hadn’t seen in a month.

We met so many nice full-time families in Phoenix. We had a great time becoming acquainted and learning their story of why they went full-time on the road. The scenery was so interesting there as well. Very different from where I’ve visited in the past(mostly south east part of the U.S.). Brent loves that there were no mosquitoes around to bite him. It’s so dry and dusty here! Our family did several hiking trails there(only short ones with all three girls). We really relaxed a lot while there. They had a nice swimming pool and hot tub on the camp grounds.

Brent bought a cool portable speaker so we can listen to music outside since he was able to be outside without getting bit.

I’ve been doing the 30 day yoga challenge through Yoga with Adriene this month. I also have continued doing daily, guided meditation. This has been my self-care. It’s nice to do something little like this and not spend a lot of money on self-care(nails done, shopping, etc.).

I do enjoy adding in essential oils or a nice incense to my daily routine. I also love the warm glow of my salt lamp.

I’ve been trying to do more weekly meal planning as it’s hard to put any extra food away in the RV kitchen area. One meal that was a big hit is Ancho Chile Chicken with re-fried black beans and roasted red bell peppers that I found in a magazine I had.

For breakfast, I’ve narrowed down my girls’ choices to: Kodiak Cake mix

Eggs, bacon or sausage(once a week), cereal or smoothies. I typically have a smoothie, oatmeal or eggs with veggies or even leftovers from dinner the night before.

We do our school in the usually in the morning. The girls have enjoyed doing the workbooks I got them and I read aloud to them. We are currently reading the Little House and the Prairie series.

They continue drawing every day and have enjoyed using Art for Kids Hub on Youtube that another full-time family recommended. The drawings they do are amazing from this channel!

We explored Sedona this past weekend and it was amazing! The beauty of the red rocks and landscape were breathtaking. This photo doesn’t do it justice, you’ll have to come see it for yourself.


We hiked a couple trails at national parks, Red Rock State Park and Slide Rock State Park. Also, we went to the Montezuma Castle. That place I liked for all the vegetation they had labeled there. I learned about so many neat plants that the people there had used medicinally and eaten.

We had originally planned to go see the Grand Canyon, but with the temperatures in the teens and none of us have cold-weather clothing, we are heading back to Tennessee this week now. There, we will catch up with friends and family, go to the dentist, eye doctor and general doctor check-ups. Yes, we still do normal, everyday things like everyone else.

It’s been a great few months exploring different places and I look forward to exploring more in a couple months!