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Feelings that Autumn Invokes

After the Labor Day holiday, September starts to nudge me into the feeling of autumn. Currently, we are stationary in the middle Tennessee area and it’s already starting to get darker earlier. I notice this on my daily walk outside. I’ll have to get change up the time of my walks once it does get dark at 5 pm here. I may, just may, have to start walking in the morning before work. I wouldn’t say I’m not a morning person, but I don’t particularly enjoy getting up before 6:30-7 a.m. This though, might have to change soon. Perhaps I could walk and eat lunch at the same time? No, that wouldn’t be the best combination. Perhaps more Instant pot and dinner prepped early so as I’m able to walk right after work will do it. With the change into Autumn, more slow cooked meals in the Instant Pot would be tasty. My children have been baking more this past week. A weekly addition that would be wonderful with soup is Einkhorn sourdough bread. I started a sourdough starter last November with einkhorn flour and it’s been so good. Sourdough bread is very easy to make as well, just need some planning in timing of the longer rise it requires.

Autumn brings the sense of comfort for me. Warm blankets, fires or candles burning, hot tea and hot chocolate, and snuggling up with a good book or movie. The smells of cinnamon and spice. Apples falling from the trees outside to help create that delicious smell of this time of year. Soft music playing in the background while the family each does their own hobby.

I’m adding watercolor to my journaling and will get the sewing machine out soon. We will be hunkering down for the winter in a small home and I’ll have some extra space to spread out with the sewing items. I haven’t sewn much in the past three and a half years with the fulltime travel we have done. Or perhaps I’ll just grab out the handy crochet hooks and get creative with yarn as I’m able to join my family in the living room while crocheting.

What does this time of year invoke in you?