What’s been going on in my little world

I’ve been missing in action for several months. Back in October of 2019, I started working as an RN at a local hospital. We have been stationary due to me attending a nine month Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Nashville, TN. Needless to say, I put a lot on my plate at one time! So, I have not had time for much else aside from work and teacher training.

I had to start working fulltime night shifts as I hadn’t worked in a hospital setting before, only home births. I have been working on the medical surgical floor. It has most definitely been a learning experience these past several months. Every shift, there’s always some different type of malady. Working on the med-surg floor is a whole different ball game than assisting women in birth. I have to be familiar with so many different medications, which I haven’t been accustomed to having to know. Also, I.V. fluids, which ones are compatible to certain antibiotics. Makes my brain hurt!

Three weeks ago, I was able to switch to days, weekends, which has freed up my week some. Now I’ll be able to pick up my hobbies again, yay!

We have still been homeschooling the girls through all this. Good thing children are resilient. They’ve been missing me being home as I’ve been home fulltime for the past five years. It’s been an adjustment for all of us. The girls are excited to have me back on a regular daytime schedule and to do things during the week with them.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training has been amazing. I look forward to the training weekends every month. I’ll be sad to have it end. But, I’ll be so happy to be able to teach and share this technology. I want to focus on pregnancy(of course!). I signed up for a speciality kundalini yoga teacher training for pregnancy in August this year. Then I’ll be certified for kundalini pregnancy yoga! I can’t wait for this training. It’s called the Khalsa Way. Check it out: https://www.khalsaway.com

And a little plug for myself, I would love for you to try out a Reiki session or Intuitive healing session(in person or distance)! Message me for a discount!