Work with me

Feeling stuck? Are you tired, no energy, and stressed? Can’t seem to lose those last few stubborn pounds? Need new meal inspiration?

I’m Daphne McIntosh and I’m an RN, certified professional midwife and certified health coach. I’m passionate about helping women who are busy and stressed out to get back to their ideal weight, balance their blood sugar, and become more energized.

By working with me you’ll get input about healthy meal plans and food choices, weekly support, and advice customized to your body type, health needs and goals, and one-on-one time to talk about these goals.

In learning how to map out my own health, I realized other Moms were struggling with my same issues!

Sign up for 8 weeks of coaching!

Discovery Call! When you connect with me, you’ll get a chance to talk one on one to see if we would work well together and get to know one another.

You will receive a welcome pack via email once you sign up and do your free discovery call.

Session 1: Confused about what to eat? Let’s look at what you’re eating right now and make some easy, doable changes! Feeling like your stress is making you choose unhealthy food choices? We’ll touch on what stressors are in your life right now and delve into any health issues or other issues holding you back from achieving what you want.

Session 2: During this session, let’s look specifically at a meal and exercise plan for you and map it out in a clear and concise way. Ever heard of food journaling? We’ll get you started on one and you’ll be amazed at what you see! How did your first week go?

Session 3: Stuck in an exercise rut? How about we explore different ways to get in that exercise we hear is so good for us?  Not sure what “clean eating” is? No worries, you’ll learn all about it in this session! We’ll also get started on a great motivational book!

Session 4: Do you need supplements and vitamins when you’re eating well? We’ll chat about why supplements may be needed. Did you know there’s good and bad carbs? Not all carbs are created equal, let’s get to the bottom of this!

Session 5: Remember that food journal? We’ll review it together! It’s always good to have that accountability when doing a diet change.

Session 6: Let’s clear out that medicine cabinet of toxic items so you and your loved ones can lead a healthier life!

Session 7: Worried about how you’ll eat at parties and holidays? No worries as we’ll talk about how to enjoy yourself and still eat healthy! Also, we’ll see how easy this way of eating can become a habit.

Session 8: Last session! You’ll be amazed how far you’ve come! Let’s make sure you hit that  goal of yours and make out a plan for the next six months for you to continue on this amazing path of health, happiness, and harmony!

*Daphne and Beckoning Harmony are not doctors. Please see your primary care provider before starting a new diet, exercise program, or supplements.